A Spoiled Brats Guide to Halloween

Halloween is a month away – can you believe it?

So its time to get your thinking cap on & decide what your plans are. What to wear? Do you dress up? Do you go to a party? Hold a party? Lots to think about – so we have written a handy guide for you to help you along your way.

We have been spending hours – and I mean HOURS on the handy internet looking up inventive costumes for the big day. So far, we can’t decide if we’ll make a statement and show off our political views with a standout feminist costume, or we’ll let our zodiac sign dictate this year’s outfit — the options are literally endless.

With so many options, it can be hard to pick just one, I guess you could always go to several parties and change each time?

But to help us choose it would surely be handy to know what Halloween costumes are popular this year. Fashion search platform Lyst has teamed up with one of our favourite social sites ; Pinterest to bring us the most-searched-for costumes of 2017.

The two companies have combined and crunched their data to predict what everyone will be wearing this Halloween…… dun dun dun……

1. Pennywise from It

Pennywise from It
Pennywise from It – That creepy clown is #1 this year!

The bloodthirsty clown only re-emerged from the sewers of Maine and into cinemas earlier this month, but Pinterest saves for clown make-up and costume ideas are up 941%. Lyst has tracked fashion searches for exaggerated ruffled shoulder shirts and white gloves, and has noticed a 14% increase in searches for lace-up pom-pom sneakers in the last month.

2. Stranger Things Characters

Stranger Things characters
Season 2 is just about to air – prepare for “Stranger Things”

Last year, Lyst predicted that there would be hundreds of people dressing up as Eleven from Stranger Things, and with Season 2 set to air just before Halloween this year, it seems that the show remains a popular source of outfit inspo. Pinterest has said that “Pins” on Stranger Things images are up 40% on last year, but our psychic powers tell us that more people will dress as the young boys this year; Lyst data shows searches for trucker caps and 1980s retro style t-shirts are on the increase (see how we did that?!)

3. Belle from Beauty and the Beast
 Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Emma Watson’s Belle has inspired us

La La Land and Beauty and The Beast both caused spikes in searches for yellow dresses back in spring, and Pinterest has seen a 680% increase in pins for Beauty and the Beast characters. Belle’s iconic yellow tiered gown was also a key search trend around U.S. prom time, leading us to believe that people might re-wear their yellow dresses for Halloween. Belle’s blue apron dress, and cute Chip the teacup costumes, are also popular costume searches online.

4. Giraffes
No we’re not having a giraffe …..

While “sexy cat” remains a classic Halloween outfit choice, the giraffe looks set to be this year’s must-have novelty Halloween costume. Pins for giraffe makeup and costume images are up nearly 1,200% over this time 12 months ago, on Pinterest, and while there are less giraffe-print items available than leopard- or zebra-print, searches for “giraffe print” are up 27% on Lyst since June…. wow, just wow! 

5. Wonder Woman
Ultimate Girl Power with Wonder Woman
Ultimate Girl Power with Wonder Woman

Shoppers are looking for some specific pieces on Lyst to get the Wonder Woman look: Searches for “red corset” are up 115% year on year, and sales of chunky gold cuffs are up 15% since June. There are also more than 230,000 Wonder Woman costume ideas saved on Pinterest right now.

6. Game of Thrones Characters
Game of Thrones characters
Game of Thrones characters

Thanks to Daenerys Targaryen’s epic wardrobe this season, global searches for grecian gowns are up 30% since last year, on Lyst, and searches for “light blue gown,” her favorite colour, are up 160%! More than 400 people have just searched “Daenerys” in the fashion search bar space on Lyst this summer. Pinterest pins on “Khaleesi” looks are up 91% year on year. King of the North Jon Snow’s shaggy fur look is set to be a popular costume, too: Pinterest pins for Jon Snow are up 280% over the past 12 months, and Lyst is seeing around 4,000 searches a day for black and grey fur stoles right now.

7. Baywatch Babe

This year’s remake of the Baywatch franchise has led to a 147% increase in related costume ideas on Pinterest compared to this time last year, and Lyst data shows global searches for red one-piece swimsuits increased 240% this summer.

8. Hippies
Hippie Chick
Hippie Chick

The world is keen to embrace the swinging ’60s hippie spirit this Halloween. Searches for patterned flares are up over 150% since June, and Lyst has seen round-lens, coloured sunglasses and flower crowns sell out. Hippie outfit idea pins are up 130% on Pinterest since last year.

9. Unicorns
Unicorns are Real
Unicorns are Real

The unicorn costume was a popular trend during festival season, and a top pinned costume on Pinterest last Halloween, and these looks are set to continue growing in popularity this year as well. Searches including “unicorn” are up 130% on Lyst since May, and +110% since last year on Pinterest. Unicorn headbands are the most-wanted unicorn fashion product globally right now. Unicorns are our fav too!

10. Mermaids

In the U.K., mermaids are already more popular than unicorns, and sexy sea siren looks are trending all over the world too. With more than 1.4 million pins on Pinterest and 8,000 searches a month globally for “mermaid leggings” on Lyst since July, you can bet to see a lot of mermaids at Halloween parties this year.


So there you have it! However if you dont fancy indulging in costumes,  we have some great alternatives for you. Our fav Wildfox has just released their new Halloween collection & its suitably stylish for the spooky season. We also have quirky spider hair buns, a cute little ghost earrings. 

Have a spooky time 👻👻

Wildfox Saints & Sinners Thrashed No9 Tee
Wildfox Saints & Sinners Thrashed No9 Tee
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Wildfox Cats Cant Be Trusted Thrashed No9 Tee
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Wildfox I’m A Mermaid Sommers Sweater
Wildfox I'm A Mermaid Sommers Sweater
Wildfox I’m A Mermaid Sommers Sweater
Iron Fist Wishbone Party Dress
Iron Fist Wishbone Party Dress
NPW Halloween Spider Bun Kit
NPW Halloween Spider Bun Kit
Suzywan DELUXE Holographic Ghost Halloween Earrings
Suzywan DELUXE Holographic Ghost Halloween Earrings
Chaser Brand Trick or Treat Cold Shoulder Sweater
Chaser Brand Trick or Treat Cold Shoulder Sweater

Katie Price has a Lazy Sunday

Katie Price lounges in our Chaser Brand Sweater

However Katie Price proved she’s still got it this Sunday, as she stripped to just her lingerie for a sizzling selfie during her Easter celebrations at home.

The 38-year-old showed off her tanned and toned pins in nothing but our Chaser Brand slouchy jumper and playful briefs, which she uploaded this piccy to her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter this evening.

Katie displayed her enviably svelte legs and tanned skin from recent trip to the Maldives, as she posed in nothing but a pair of girl boxers – printed with vibrant pink cupcakes.

Keeping all attention on her leggy figure, Katie added our cosy Chaser Brand slouchy slogan jumper on top, which reflected her relaxed mood by reading: ‘Coffee Sunday Afternoon‘.
Pulling her hair into a messy up-do and flashing a killer pout, the star displayed her clear skin and sun-kissed complexion as she stretched for the camera – clearly enjoying a low-key Easter weekend at home.

Happy to be spending a relaxed day with her children, she captioned the sexy snap: ‘Sunday vibes top

Katie Price wears Chaser Brand
Katie Price wears Chaser Brand

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The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Fashion

The Spoiled Brat Guide to Holiday Fashion

summer holiday style

Holiday Fashion Dilemmas

Holiday season is in full swing, which means the panic of packing your case, is in full swing!

How exactly are you supposed to get ALL those clothes in that tiny case? How exactly are you meant to decide what to take? Oh no just thinking about it, get us all anxious and stressed – really!

Lucky for you, Spoiled Brat are here with our “Ultimate Guide to Holiday Style & Fashion” Whether you want quirky bikinis, colourful cover-ups, easy to wear denim shorts and some comfy stylish shoes, we have it it all, and all with an affordable price tag. There are bargains to be had, meaning we can definitely get more for our budget.

Espadrille’s : A pair of espadrilles’ will take you from the pool party to bar with ease, and they’re much more comfortable to wear as well. Wear these stylish shoes, which are also super comfortable.

Sandals : These are holiday essential footwear, easy to wear and easy to take off when going for a dip in the pool or the sea. We have some great stylish options too, which looks great with anything from shorts, to a maxi.

When you’re spending plenty of money on bikinis and swimsuits you want to be able to show them off, making a stylish cover-up the perfect option. We have some fun options from UNIF and Prey of London. Get just enough of your bikini on show, but still be covered up so you can head for lunch and drinks without stares from the staff at the hotel.

Statement sunnies: Mirrored or coloured lenses, huge retro designs, or something classic like an aviator style, basically everything goes when it comes to picking sunglasses, just choose the pair – or three – that you love.

Thanks to Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner the inflatable has become a must-have for this summer. Whether you’re chilling in your own villa or at the hotel pool it pays to take an inflatable. Catch those rays whilst you enjoy the water lapping around you to cool you down. Cocktail in hand is optional, but much appreciated.

big mouth
Whether you’re opting for the ultimate in beach dressing, or taking to the city for your summer break, Spoiled Brat have got the essentials in your holiday style.

And there you have it – Happy Shopping – Happy Holidays = Happy You!

Need more inspiration, do check out our hand picked holiday style collection.

The Ultimate Guide to Edgy Fashion

Taylor Momsen - Edgy Fashion Icon
Taylor Momsen – Edgy Fashion Icon

Edgy Fashion – Stand Out, dont Fit In!

Edgy fashion, is creative, unfussy and effortless. It’s usually casual or has casual elements, and gives off a modern, urban twist. Edgy style, is both unique, quirky and different. Because who really wants to fit in? We want to stand out, be our own person and make a statement for all the right reasons.

Making a look edgy doesn’t have to be complicated. A little unexpected tweak can turn an ordinary look into something cool, chic and even a bit mysterious and sexy!

Take a look at the latest range of edgy fashion online available here at Spoiled Brat, in our online edgy style store. We have the newest edgy fashion pieces, updated daily, we know that when it comes to fashion there is no better place to update your wardrobe. Browse our stunning collection of unique dresses, from midi to maxi, and casual to party dresses, all with that edge to them and all available at great online prices in our unique style shop. From catwalk trends to stylish staples, we know our fashion and are dedicated to ensuring that we only pick the best edgy pieces, for you to choose from, to give you the best experience for womens online shopping. Enjoy browsing our online quirky fashion store, and do check out our legendary womens online clothing sale and find some cheap womens clothing online.

Below we have selected some key pieces to achieve the edgy look – you dont need to go overboard, you can subtly mix in some pieces with your everyday look. A few edgy staples can turn a boring, ordinary look into something modern, mysterious and cool. And remember that the most important component of edgy fashion is confidence!

Brands we would recommend looking at, which ooze edge, uniqueness and quirky style are UNIF, Valfre, Wildfox and Ragged Priest. Also look to the grunge trend, 90s trend and rock chick fashion for ideas too!