Sarah Louise Porter’s Video Haul

You-Tuber Sarah Louise Porter has just uploaded this epic video to her YouTube account of her “Spoiled Brat Haul”

Lovely seeing how much she loves our products & how excited she gets by them! Reminds us of when we get new stock deliveries into the warehouse, we literally do cartwheels!

View on YouTube here

In this video Sarah features our Alice Vandy My Little Pony Maxi Dress, Iron Fist Mermaid for Life Bomber Jacket & the much coveted Polly Pocket Shell cross body Bag items which you can click to shop below.

My Little Pony ….



Moschino does My Little Pony …… eeeeekkkk!!!

Somewhere over the rainbow is all our childhood dreams coming true!

If your an 80s kid (like us) then theres a fair chance you grew up with My Little Ponies – brushing and pleating their hair, playing at horse races, boys singing “my little pony, skinny and bony” – or maybe that was just our school – but ANYWAY My Little Pony are an iconic symbol from the 80s, along with perms, neon bright colours and so much more ; but thats for another day!

So imagine our delight when we saw the Moschino My Little Pony catwalk – literally died and gone to pony heaven.

Moschino are always whacky, different and unique. And when they team up with equally extravagant Jeremy Scott then you just know its going to be AWESOME! And this does not disappoint!

The New York Post describe the 2018 collections My Little Pony Parade, as being “80s love on steroids

MLP horses are haute!

MLP x Moschino
MLP x Moschino

This new capsule collection debuted on Thursday at Milan fashion’s week.

The cute, quirky range includes pony-powered tees, dresses, swimwear, phone cases (gifted to lucky show attendees – still waiting on our invite … sad face) and the ultimate old school accessory: a bag made to look like a tin lunchbox; eeeek!!!!

My Little Pony Lunchbox BAG
My Little Pony Lunchbox BAG

Most of Moschino’s looks throw back to 1980s “My Little Pony” TV graphics. But there are some newer neigh-sayers in the mix, too. (you can never have too many ponies.)

The collection promptly trotted from Milan’s runway to Moschino’s website and is available for purchase RIGHT now.

However it does have the Moschino price tag – double EEEK!!!

So here’s our answer to the “problem”….. 


So who is Alice Vandy – well if you dont know, Alice Vandy is a totally awesome designer based in Cornwall. If you want to know more about her check out our exclusive interview with her, which we did last year >here<

Oh and her brand is loved by celebrities like Jessie J, Little Mix, Rita Ora and stylist to the stars Alexis Knox.

Rita Ora wears Alice Vandy x MLP
Rita Ora wears Alice Vandy x MLP

Alice creates the most fabulous alternative fashion brand, which gives you a unique and fun clothing range, which effortlessly fuses fairytale fantasy with youthful streetwear. Alice Vandy collections morph the contours of the body creating organic, exotic and robotic second skins. Alice focuses on delivering magical madness with her notoriously bold signature prints and has a growing tribe of Diamond Warriors and Bubble Wall cuties. Testament to her design majorness, Alice Vandy was asked to collaborate with My Little Pony and has just launched her third exclusive collection of ponyland power pieces with the sugary sweet Hasbro phenomenon.

Alice Vandy x My Little Pony
Alice Vandy x My Little Pony

So gals we present to you, Alice Vandy x My Little Pony. A fabulously quirky and fun range of My Little Pony maxi dresses, bodycon dresses, catsuits and bodysuits. Paris Hilton none the less, had already snapped up one of the MLP bodies and wore it in Amnesia Ibiza.

Paris Hilton wears Alice Vandy
Paris Hilton wears Alice Vandy

The range is easy on the purse, and is superior quality. The fabric is supersoft and moulds and sculpts in all the right places.

You wont be disappointed – we can guarantee that. 


Guest Blog Post from Roisin from BLOW Hair Salon

BLOW Hair Salons’ Roisin has guest blogged for US!

We were approached by our now favourite hair salon, BLOW to supply clothes for a photo shoot they were doing for their new Party Hair brand & we immediately jumped at the chance!

If you havent heard of BLOW – then you need to look it up … like NOW! Its the most awesome hair salon in Glasgow which basically invented GLITTER ROOTSremember them? BLOW is not just a hair salon – its a lifestyle! You go in and get served milkshakes, popcorn and sweeties & you can get your hair coloured literally any colour under the sun! It has a HUGE floral peace sign on the wall too! Basically looks like our dreams!

BLOW Salon
BLOW Salon

And when BLOWs’ Roisin offered to guest blog for us – again we jumped at the opportunity.

Roisin AKA “Fashion Mermaid” its over to you…..

When Spoiled Brat recently let us raid their candy shop of a clothing warehouse to style our upcoming hair product brand Party Hair (@partyhairuk) we were uncontainable with excitement! The look we wanted was to draw inspiration from playful and quirky Japanese street style with nods to purikura sticker booths and a sugary sweet colour palette to complement our branding.

Spoiled Brat allowed me do a guest blog to rave about our favourite pieces and stylist picks used so you too shop the cutest looks from the site SS17.

First up is this naughty yet oh so nice Local Heroes number. A young brand who have went from small indie label to cult clothing status in two years with a brand philosophy that focuses on having lots of fun in life and making dreams come true (one we can get behind!). With pastels finally back in for SS17 this cheeky little number is one to grab from the Spoiled Brat website before it’s gone for good. Style it up over beach wear or rock the look as a statement piece with jeans and converse.

£25.00 GBP

The Iron Fist My Little Pony shirt is one of the staple pieces in my own wardrobe and it has defiantly been a talking point ever since. Being born in the 1980s I was a massive fan of the series I had everything from a lunch box to the figurines. The fabric is also beautiful and for lazy gals like me easy to care for! This oversized shirt goes perfect under dungarees and with jeans. For a cute festival look team with cute boots and shorts for look that is going to rack up the compliments. Spoiled Brat also have an amazing beach bag of this if you can’t get enough of MLP!

£43.99 GBP

Rounding up another cute pony themed look is the cat suit from Alice Vandy. Alice Vandy’s collection merges together super cute nostalgia and streetwear. We styled our model with space buns whilst rocking this playsuit for an adorable festival look that was out of this world. Spoiled Brat also stock the dress version of this if you feel like showing off your pins! Yeahaa!

£49.00 GBP

Next up a sure hit for the summer was this beautiful white mesh dress from Local Heroes. The super light material is perfect for layering up over a bikini for lazy days eating ice cream by the pool or getting rolled up for a beach bag. The emoji like patches on this one are ridiculously cute especially the peach and the self-love mantra’s!

£40.00 GBP
£40.00 GBP

Big love to the S.B team for sorting out with clothes for the shoot and you can view the shoot and soon by following us at @partyhairuk!

No matter wherever you’re headed in the summer Spoiled Brat have your back for the cutest hand-picked essentials around!

The Style Rawr Does Iron Fist

The Style Rawr features Iron Fist My Little Pony

Iron Fist My Little Pony, gets the Style Rawr treatment

The Style Rawr in Iron Fist
The Style Rawr in Iron Fist
The Style Rawr in Iron Fist
The Style Rawr in Iron Fist
The Style Rawr in Iron Fist
The Style Rawr in Iron Fist
The Style Rawr in Iron Fist
The Style Rawr in Iron Fist

Can we take a moment to appreciate this : Iron Fist, My Little Pony!!! Argh!!!! And how cute does Jade from The Style Rawr look in this pretty little blouse?!

Jade has been busy getting married, but found the time to style up our Iron Fist blouse in her latest blog post. She has gone for the casual look with this – wearing some skinny jeans and her trust DMs. You could also dress this up tucked into a high waisted skirt perhaps and some heels?

Jade has said about this blouse :

“I’ve always liked a bit of Iron Fist, it’s a fun brand and some of the designs they come out with are just inspired, with this blouse definitely planting it’s hooves in that category! The colours are just amazing, so bright and cheery, and the pattern is of course, delightful. If you’re a die hard Brony like me (I have a collection of Rainbow Dash dolls and watch Friendship Is Magic whenever I can), you have to have this. Everypony (yes I wore it to work!) who sees it can’t help but get excited by the colours and the memories it brings on! The material is a slinky chiffon, but not too see through as you can see here because I only have a nude bra on underneath and it’s invisible. You can’t fault Iron Fist quality, it continues to be strong and worth every penny. I kept it simple here and paired it with double denim and pastel DM’s, but it would look pretty darn cute tucked into a little A-Line skirt and some ankle boots if you prefer a girlier look. If you’re looking for sizing info, I’m a UK12 and this is a size L. I probably could’ve swung the M but I’m a terror for sizing up and this is comfortable for me. If this is your sort of thing you should definitely check out the new look Spoiled Brat. The revamped webby is easy to navigate and the updated brand lines are insanely covetable, taking me back to the days of having a huge want list in my faves bar! ”

We totally agree, IronFist are killing it with their collections and collaborations with 80s iconic brands like My Little Pony and Care Bears! With the new season collection due to drop VERY soon – we advise to brace yourself for more nostagic prints and quirky designs.

Thanks to Jade for a wonderful post xxx

Planet Vandy…. Mission to Land!

Planet Vandy has landed at Spoiled Brat HQ!

We have been avid followers of designer Alice Vandy and her quirky “Planet Vandy” label since its launch a couple of years ago. We were immediately attracted to her wacky designs and quirky stand out prints.

  Alice who graduated from Art School in 2008, got her first big break after working on designs for the Clothes Show in Birmingham. She said:

I always knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t expect to do it so quickly. It kind of happened by accident. When I graduated I just fell into doing my own brand – it was all sooner than I had planned.
I signed up to an online portfolio site and managed to get contact details for stylist Alexis Knox.
She got back to me and asked if I would be interested in providing some clothes for the opening scene of the Clothes Show in Birmingham.”

Alexis Knox wearing Alice Vandy
Alexis Knox wearing Alice Vandy

This was literally her break came when Alexis, who has worked with Little Mix, asked Alice to provide some clothes for the opening scene of the Clothes Show in Birmingham and after being spotted at the show by several celebrities Alice was inundated with commissions – including a £300 playsuit made from a unique Amazonian print.

She also designed items to be used on X Factor and Britain’s Next Top Model and got to meet Jessie J in London.

Jessie J wears Alice Vandy
Jessie J wears Alice Vandy

“I went to a fitting for her” she said. “I worked solidly on her outfit for about five days – there were so many different pattern pieces. ‘I flew up to London from Cornwall in the end. She’s so nice though – so down to earth”

Despite her success however, Alice doesn’t get starstruck. she says:

When people like Jessie J wear my clothes, all my friends go crazy, but it just becomes part of the job

And now Alice is collaborating with My Little Pony, which celebrated their 30th birthday, and Hello Kitty. Her designs include a fabulous range of dresses, leggings and catsuits – garments which you can take from day to night with ease. Its colourful, bright and totally unique and we LOVE it. The brand fuses fairy-tale fantasy with youthful streetwear, Planet Vandy is boosted by an ever-growing legion of fans and we are honoured and very excited to introduce it to you guys!

Sign up too for our mailing list for exclusive access to our Alice Vandy x Planet Vandy Sale and Discounts.

Iron Fist : Brand of The Week

Iron Fist is this weeks’ “Brand of The Week”


This weeks’ “brand of the week” has been given to Iron Fist, which is back at Spoiled Brat with a colourful, 80s inspired, care bear BANG!

Iron Fist has quite simply blown us away with the new collection, which is both edgy and girly rolled into one. The brand, all the way from La La Land. In their own words they describe their brand as being :

“for the adventurers, the rebels, the heart-breakers, the party girls and guys who DGAF. We are never the wallflowers – always center stage and living life without the brakes. We wear our hearts and guts on our sleeves, partying till the lights come on, and then partying some more.”

The brand was founded in 2001 and has become a worldwide recognised brand creating ranges for men and women. Their designs are instantly recognisable for their love of tattoo style prints, with attitude which stands out.

What is really unique about IronFist clothing, is their refusal to be labeled as a skate, punk, hip hop or tattoo genre, and due to this, the brand has grown to what it is now, purely because of this diversity and innovative approach to each season. The beauty of Iron Fist fashion is its appeal to everyone, there really is something in each collection for everyone – whether your a girly girl, a rock chick or a grunge chick – then there is something there for you!

Iron Fist came about from the collaboration of two friends, Mike van Senus and Travis Anderson, with a long history in street culture sports, art and music, they set out with the desire to create an original and rebellious clothing line, which suited their needs and wasn’t available elsewhere.

Now Iron Fist are teaming up with massive names like Care Bears and My Little Pony to bring you even more choice in Alternative Fashion. Its quirky, its cool and its also easy on the pocket. Whats not to love? 

Take a look at our new Iron Fist range online & we’ll even throw in an exclusive Iron Fist Discount Code just for you – enter code IRON20 for 20% discount off all our Iron Fist Collection (which also includes our Iron Fist Sale range)