Lucy Watson snaps a Skinnydip Selfie

Lucy Watson snaps a skinnydip Selfie
Lucy Watson snaps a skinnydip Selfie

Lucy Watson is snap happy with her Skinnydip London iPhone case

Former Made in Chelsea star, Lucy Watson snaps up a storm with her skinnydip london iPhone case over the weekend

It looks as if Lucy Watson, is more loved up than ever with her boyfriend JP, as she supported him during his Tough Mudder Challenge endurance course in Henley-On-Thames on Saturday.

Lucy was dressed casually, yet cool for the occasion, as she smiled with her pregnant bestie Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead.

Pairing some funky flatform trainers with her look, Lucy clad her lithe pins in a pair of skinny denims, and kept warm in a navy knit jumper.

We think Lucy looks totally relaxed and happy as she supported her man with Binky, who was also there to cheer on her baby’s father Josh ‘JP’ Patterson.

Binky wore a form-fitting black top that clung to her blossoming baby bump putting it prominently on display, and a large pair of sunglasses.

Lucy grabbed boyfriend James for a quick selfie with her skinnydip london iPhone case covering her phone. Lucy is a huge fan of skinny dip london and has been a massive fan of the brand since it was founded. She regularly is seen with their famous iPhone cases, bags and accessories. And we can understand why. Skinnydip came around due to a gap in the market for a quirky, fun and purse friendly accessories brand…. and since its inception it has gone from strength to strength …. so much so they are even opening up a store in NYC – WOW!

We actually had the privilege of visiting the skinnydip store in London a few weeks ago (pics below) as well as the new Ragged Priest store (it was like Christmas!)

Skinnydip London Store
Skinnydip London Store
Skinnydip London Store
Skinnydip London Store

The Ragged Priest Store
The Ragged Priest Store

Anyway Lucys exact phone case is below if you want to purchase this 🙂


Festival Season is Upon Us – Here’s What You Need to Know

Festival Season is HERE

Are you ready?

Its that time of year again – Festival Season

Glitter Bum - is HERE
Glitter Bum – is HERE

Summer music festivals have for a long time been a breeding ground for eccentric fashion trends, which become the nations obsessions.

From the tie-dye fads from Glasto, right through to the present day obsession with wildfox cutoff denims, glitter roots, face jewels and OTT flowery crown and glory headbands! These quirky looks are the youth culture’s stamp on the festival phenomenon. And here’s the latest trend coming your way – taking festival fashion one step further:

glitter for your derrière.

Yep. Glitter butt. It’s a thing, and you can expect to see it all over Instagram in the next few months….. Deal with it.

Cosmo has reported that the trend was inspired by the feeling of sitting on the beach, standing up, and finding your backside covered in sand. But instead of sand, now it’s glitter. YAY – you can never really have enough glitter, right?!

Glitter Bum - is HERE
Glitter Bum – is HERE

Of course, applying glitter to your own bum is a little tricky, so if you fancy trying the trend it’s probably best to leave it to a professional. Or you can hire one of your friends and get them to rub hair gel (used as glue) on your derriere, and then ask them to paint on the glitter.

A totally normal friendship ritual, I’m sure they’ll agree.

Make sure you wear shorts that are short enough to display your glittery behind to the world – look at our fun ragged priest ones and be warned that you will probably never, ever remove all traces of glitter from the area between your cheeks. LOL 🙂

Enjoy your new life as a glitter-bummed person.

Leave sparkly traces on ever toilet seat you ever grace.

This is who you are now.

Will you be trying out this fad?

Here’s some of our suggestions for festival season from our wonderful brands from skinnydip london , tatty devine and ironfist – you are spoiled for choice wherever the one your attending will be 🙂