Anna Friel goes Old School

Anna Friel wears our Sub Urban Riot Tee

Anna Friel wears Sub Urban Riot
Anna Friel wears Sub Urban Riot

Actress & total mega babe, Anna Friel uploaded this snap to INSTA, of herself looking sunny and sultry standing beside a vintage looking car in the glamorous Palm Springs. Anna was touring the USA, road trip style and looked every inch the American Dream in our Sub Urban Riot Tee.

Our super chic all American brand, Sub Urban Riot created this “Old School” t-shirt, which Anna has matched up with some leather rock n roll style biker jeans.

Sub Urban Riot make the most awesome line of clothing, and this tee comes in their famous and delicious white jersey tri-blend fabric, creating for a comfy loose fit, makes it a wardrobe must have.

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Sub Urban Riot Old School Loose Tee as seen on Anna Friel
Sub Urban Riot Old School Loose Tee as seen on Anna Friel


Kaley Cuoco wears Sub Urban Riot

Kaley Cuoco looks casual & chic as she rocks our Sub Urban Riot grey tee, listing the ingredients for the perfect cleanse cocktail

Kaley Cuoco is well known for her healthy regime of diet and exercise. But she is also known for her sense of humour, and decided to make a statement whilst out and about today in LA. Kaley put a spin on her clean lifestyle as she rocked our Sub Urban Riot lemon ginger loose tee.

The sitcom queen paired the hilarious graphic top with light brown leggings and black knit warmers, and she accessorized the quirky look with a pair of dark retro sunglasses and neon splashed sandals.

Sub Urban Riot Lemon Ginger Loose Tee ass seen on Kaley Cuoco
Sub Urban Riot Lemon Ginger Loose Tee ass seen on Kaley Cuoco


It seems that her suburbanriot t-shirt was perfectly times too, as just the day before, Kaley made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Whilst on the show, she told a hilarious anecdote about being stopped by TSA on a flight with her boyfriend from Australia.

When the security agent searched her purse and found a wine bottle opener which led them to search her suitcase where another one was discovered.

She, like, takes it out and I’m like, oh my God, I’m going to be on a no-fly list,

When asked about the items, Kaley responded:

“Here’s the thing. I just like alcohol and, apparently, I needed to be very prepared”

Her timing therefore couldnt be better as her grey t-shirt shows her love for the clean and healthy lifestyle, with a nod to her love of alcohol with a mention to vodka in the recipe.

Kayley is also a huge fan of the LA label sub-urban riot, as she has become some what of a brand ambassador for them, as she is regularly snapped wearing their easy to wear pieces. The mix of clean living, with the odd anecdote to alcohol obviously appeals to her.

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Sub Urban Riot : Brand of The Week

Sub Urban Riot is this weeks “Brand of the Week”

Sub Urban Riot

Sub Urban Riot has been stocked at spoiled brat for nearly 2 years!

Sub Urban Riot has been a massive hit with you guys, and we love it as much as you do! The new collection has just been released online to our site and its bowled us over with more quirky quotes and graphics, so much so that we are awarding it our “Brand of the Week


So who is Sub Urban Riot? Well its a fabulous fashion brand which was found in 2006 in Venice, by two guys who were wondering why they were spending their lives stuck in tiny cubicles. They were sick and tired of following “the rules.” They weren’t sure who made the rules in the first place.

So they made a change. They quit their corporate jobs, and they created their own brand. Nathan Koach and Jason Reed, the company’s co-founders, were inspired by the creativity of their unique group of friends.

The name Sub Urban Riot is derived from the idea that a little contradiction and chaos can create new ideas and notions about how we live.

The Sub Urban Riot designers believe there’s a little RIOT in all of us, and their clothing and accessories reflect this attitude of taking chances and making individual statements, all while having fun.

Their designs are inspired by the classics, but offer simple modern execution, while at the same time keeping it bold. Their manufacturing is primarily USA-based with all of our cut and sew operations located within a 20-minute drive of downtown LA.

Sub_Urban Riot believes in the good life – reinvented. The good life 2.0 is about fresh juice, daily philosophy, dogs and cats living together, coffee breaks, farmer’s markets, yoga, croquet battles, art shows, kale, camping, craft brews, and t-shirts.

There’s a wink and a smile to the brand; a subtle humour. A deeper dive uncovers a unique viewpoint on the world and times. The zeitgeist will be broadcast (on your body).

Sub_Urban Riot makes clothes that look good, feel good, and make people laugh — the new luxury goods. Without the price tag or the attitude. Sub_Urban Riot promises that they will rarely, if ever, take themselves too seriously.

The brand has already made a huge impact on the fashion scene, with fashionistas like Beyonce wearing their famous KALE sweatshirt and Rihanna wearing the famous KALE T-Shirt. And then we have the A-List like Kate Hudson, Megan Fox and Reese Witherspoon regularly snapping up their quirky designs.

At spoiled brat we are proud to offer a huge selection of Sub Urban Riot online in the UK. Infact we are the only UK stockist of this brand. We have the full range of SubUrbanRiot Tees and Sub Urban Riot Sweaters for you to browse and buy in our online boutique.

Live by your own set of rules. Throw the old ones out, and create your own set.

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