Words of Encouragement with Slogan T-Shirts

With the slogan t-shirt still as popular as ever, one new trend for AW17 is positivity!

T-Shirts with empowering and motivational slogans, are all over the place right now. Its time to refresh your wardrobe and get with this seasons hottest trend!

Rihanna send a message through her tee
Rihanna send a message through her tee
Kendall Jenner confesses all with her Tee
Kendall Jenner confesses all with her Tee


These days it seems, social media is no longer the best place to express your emotions – your body now is! Wear it on a t-shirt and tell the world how you are feeling. Slogans work on so many different levels; they’re almost subliminal. They’re also a way you aligning yourself to a particular cause. Wearing one is like branding yourself!

We saw all the catwalks full of tongue in cheek and positive slogans, and have seen celebrities all over the globe wearing their feelings on a t-shirt – many “political” and directed at the new USA president, Donald Trump! And even here in the UK, during the last election, loads of slogan tees and sweaters for Jeremy Corbyn.

The cast of Orange is the New Black send a message to President Trump
The cast of Orange is the New Black send a message to President Trump
Lady GaGa is feeling the Love
Lady GaGa is feeling the Love

So the simple rule for AW17 is , if you have got something to get off your chest? Then this is the year to do it literally, and in style!

Whether for self-expression, humor, empowerment or purely aesthetic purposes, subtle or overt, the slogan tee is making a big statement this season.

Most fashionistas pinpoint the current slogan tee trend to have started with Maria Grazia Chiuri sending a t-shirt down the runway at Dior reading “We should all be feminists“. However the slogan top has been a way of self-expression, for several years! Going right back to Katharine Hamnett in the 80s with bold, block lettered slogans like “Choose Life” and “Worldwide nuclear ban now” and Henry Holland of House of Holland, whose “Fashion Groupies” t-shirts, which gave loud, bright and cleverly rhymed nods to the current fashion set, including “What a corker Karen Walker” and “I’ll show you who’s boss Kate Moss” were the must-have item of 2006.

George Michael made the Chose Life slogan an Iconic 80s symbol
George Michael made the Chose Life slogan an Iconic 80s symbol

“I wanted to put a really large message on t-shirts that could be read from 20 or 30ft away,”

Hamnett told The Guardian in 2009.

Part of the slogan tee’s appeal is down to the fact its super versatile, and an easy piece to incorporate into any wardrobe.

As the trend began with Dior, it’s also set the tone for how to wear it right now; midi skirts in full shapes, translucent fabrics, in pretty prints or with glittering embellishment, paired with pumps and maybe a blazer.

Other options are to team it up with some vintage denim or a even masculine style suit, or channel your inner rock chick with some skinny leather pants.

A pairing we’re not seeing much with statement tees though is trainers, perhaps as this is less of a casual look and more the “fashion” take on the t-shirt – but there’s still plenty of footwear freedom with the full spectrum of heels, loafers and ballet flats making an appearance front row with slogan tops at fashion weeks around the globe.

Now all you need to do is decide what it is you want to say.

So what are you waiting for?

With brands like Wildfox and Ragged Priest (among others) at your fashionable fingertips…. get your message heard loud and clear.

Its not just tees either – you can wear a slogan sweater, even a slogan beanie this winter.


The Ragged Priest Summer 2017

The Ragged Priest Summer 2017 Collection

New season Ragged Priest Online

We are very excited to share the new season Ragged Priest with you guys & the new lookbook.

The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017

The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017
The Ragged Priest Summer 2017

The new season of The Ragged Priest is super fun and easy to wear. This season they have taken their obsession with athletic aesthetics and retro skater style into the new range. Featuring their famous ringer tees, and oversized sweats – the new range has fun slogans like “Im a Weird Kid” and “I Cant Skate” across the front.

This edgy street inspired range has something for everyone in it. The Ragged Priest always bring a seriously stylish edge to their ranges, and this new summer 2017 collection is no different!

The Ragged Priest gal is head strong and is head-to-toe attitude, she has a rebellious nature and stands up to authority figures. Retro skater details found in their oversized summer tees, which are sure to please all us 90’s loving girlies, while their denim crop tees feature frayed hemlines; making them fashion a forward staple for the “woke up like this” vibe.

Blurring the lines between 90’s Goth, retro skater, and today’s uber cool girl, we can say one thing for sure …… you don’t want to mess with any Ragged Priest fashionista!

And look who’s already snapped up a new ringer tee?

Only Nina Nesbitt……

£30.00 GBP

Shop the new range of ragged priest in our official online ragged priest store >>


Wildfox …. The Best Brand in The World

Wildfox – Simply The Best

Wildfox : The Worlds Best Brand

Wildfox Couture Stockist
Wildfox – America’s Sweetheart

Wildfox, you ROCK!

Ok its a bold statement to make, but in our opinion Wildfox is the worlds best brand & in this post we will explore the reasons behind this decision!

Wildfox is a brand which we fell in love with way back in 2007 when it was a little known brand known as Whitehorse Couture. We contacted them immediately & began stocking the brand. We were the 1st UK retailer to stock the brand & infact one of the 1st worldwide stockist also (claim to fame, much?!)

We often find the fashion world quite drab, with everyone churning out the same designs and styles. We dont want to look like everybody else though – we want to have our own identity and stand out. We also dont want to waste money on buying cheap clothes, which washed once completely loose their shape and colour.

Wildfox jumped out to us with its bright and fearless designs and styles. The graphics were right up our street and the slogans personified our thoughts and aspirations. This brand was literally made for us. A total match made in fashion heaven!

Wildfox since 2007 is a much bigger and better brand – roll on 10 years and the brand now has a cult fashion status all over the world. Its stocked in countries like Australia, Dubai and many more.

But it still hasnt lost that unique style and quirkiness which we fell in love with initially.

So why do we feel it is the worlds best brand?

Well its wildfox, so it is! But to elaborate here is our musings ……

Wildfox Designs

Everyone knows a wildfox design dont they? They are copied now by hundreds of other brands, but none of them can compare to the a fun wildfox tshirt.

The graphics and slogans featured on the famous wildfox sweaters, and wild fox tees are not only unique but they are fun and always feature something that someone can relate to!

With slogans like “in memory of when i last slept in” and “laughing is my cardio” its easy to see the appeal of this retro inspired, light humoured brand. The feel good slogans make you feel happy as well as others.

£89.99 GBP

The graphics too are always bang on trend, featuring unicorns and teddy bears; things that every girls loves.

Wildfox Celebrity Fans

Ok so we dont want to look like everyone else. However when the coolest celebrities and sassiest bloggers are wearing this brand, and have been for the past 10 years ; then you know your in good company.

Vanessa Hudgens is a HUGE fan as is Alessandra Ambroiso.

Vanessa Hudgens wears a Wildfox Sweater
Vanessa Hudgens wears a Wildfox Sweater
Alessandra Ambrosio is a Massive Wildfox Fan
Alessandra Ambrosio is a Massive Wildfox Fan

And wildfox have even collaborated with the hottest in demand bloggers, on their newest SS17 collection – Sun Kissed.

Stephi LaReine Wildfox
Stephi LaReine Wildfox

Wildfox is Not Mass Produced

We have touched on this in a previous blog post. This is something we feel is so important these days. As much as we all love Primark, have you ever brought a top from their that you love … then passed about 10 other people in 1 day wearing that exact top? Yea it sucks doesnt it! You wont get that with Wildfox, because every item is produced in limited quantities, adding that air of exclusivity about it ; or in other words making it extra special 🙂

Wildfox is ethically produced & is high quality.

When you buy expensive styles, from high end brands you are not only buying this thing, this necklace, perfume, T shirt, lipstick or what have you, you are also helping that brand stay afloat, to give you those great campaigns(and arent wildfox’s campaigns AWESOME) beautiful models, talented, expensive designers, runway shows, and superb quality that doesn’t fade. It is always important to remember why things cost money and why things don’t and to remember you are paying for much more than just your item, you are buying and supporting a lifestyle. It’s really nice, when you think about it!

Its important to be aware of what a company has to sacrifice to keep their prices so low, including low pay for their employees, bad fabrics (in many ways), cheap factories, and the stealing of other people’s creativity and hard work. If you haven’t got the money for designer please consider looking for local brands (look at Ragged Priest for example) or vintage, if you regularly shop somewhere cheap check out it’s history and make sure you aren’t supporting something you don’t believe in! All Wildfox is produced and designed in LA!

The Wildfox Campaigns

These really speak for themselves. We so look forward to every season, seeing the new lookbooks and phot shoots. Being a model for Wildfox must be the most fun thing to do in the world. The shoots feature things like slumber parties, food fights and every exotic trips to places like Italy.

Wildfox SS17 Campaign
Wildfox SS17 Campaign
Wildfox Mermaid
Wildfox Mermaid

So there you go – our opinion on Wildfox

To summaries ….. Life is better when your wearing Wildfox 🙂

PS …. Do check out of legendary online wildfox SALE 

The contemporary women’s line designed in sunny L.A. has embodied the effortless yet edgy ethos of California, since it was launched in 2007. From our signature cozy sweaters to our best-selling sunglasses, Wildfox is the ultimate line for the stylish set” – Wildfox


The Only Way is Designer.

When you want to treat yourself to some new clothes, the temptation is to go to the likes of Primark and spend £5-10 on a new top!

Well we want to change that by giving you our 5 reasons to buy designer luxury, brands like wildfox, the laundry room and chaser brand – and here’s why……

1 : Designer Tees are Ethically Made! 

This is our main reason for investing into a luxury tee.

Jerseys & knits, are very easy to make. The design is simple, the fabric is very easy to manage on a sewing machine and it literally takes seconds to sew. Did you know that tshirts are one of the cheapest items, to buy because they are also the cheapest to produce! Most t-shirts that cost under £20.00 are either made in mass quantities overseas, where there is little or no regulation, big fabric waste and in some cases by labourers, who are not being paid fairly and even children.

Look for American made brands like Wildfox or The Laundry Room. These brands are all made in the USA. Or even smaller brands like The Ragged Priest – all made in house in the UK, by a small team. So you are supporting local businesses, and real people – who believe in their product.

2. Better fabrics change the game:

Better fabrics, like modal, terry or organic cottons take the design and fit to a whole new level. We absolutely love the unique and special prints and fabrics used by the likes of Lauren Moshi and Wildfox.

But if terry t-shirts are not your thing, look out for organic cottons. The industrialized cotton industry has high rates of suicide in India and cancers in farmers inside the US. Shopping for organic cotton not only helps smaller farmers, it’s also better for our body.

This Laundry Room Tee has a speciality knit fabric

3. Better Design:

Fast fashion companies knock off designs within minutes of hitting the shelves sometimes bluntly stealing work from fashion designers. Buying from companies like Primark , has a strong impact in the fashion industry: those companies force the industry to work faster leaving no time for the incubation of ideas.

By shopping for luxury tees you are not only paying for a simple t-shirt, you are breeding creativity from design to photos, lots of people are getting paid by you! You are supporting small brands like Ragged Priest – in house designed and made, something they are very proud of. And the Laundry Room – a family company who do everything in house.

Just look at Wildfox, Laundry Room and The Ragged Priest, you will see that their designs are not only more exclusive, they’re also much more unique. Do you really want to look like everyone else? Or be an individual.

4. T-Shirts are everyday pieces:

We wear a t-shirt pretty much every day! We see them as investment pieces, as they are super versatile you can dress up and dress down. When you invest in a luxury t-shirt, you know you will be wearing it for years.

For example a Lauren Moshi t-shirt costs over £50.00, but since I will be using it many times over a long period, the cost of wearing that t-shirt is about £0.00! While a t-shirt you buy from Primark – which we hold our hands up, we have done, usually can only be worn once or twice, they dont wash well or keep their shape and they bobble real quick.

5. A more fashionable wardrobe! 

Anyone who loves their fashion, know where to spend their money and a survey taken shows that most agree basics should be the most expensive pieces in your wardrobe – because these are worn most!

These pieces should be affordable enough for you not to go broke, but expensive enough that they seem like a treat to buy. The great thing also with investing into a luxury tee, is that you can mix them up with other pieces.

Lauren Moshi tees are all hand designed and hand printed in LA, but a family. They make the nicest, unique designs and they tees literally hang off your body like a glove. The fabric lasts forever and its great for mixing up with other garments.

Hopefully this has convinced you to invest your hard earned cash into more luxury garments.

Thankyou for reading xxxx

Lauren Pope wears Ragged Priest

Lauren Pope wears Ragged Priest from Spoiled Brat

Lauren Pope steals the show, at the launch party for Folli Follies Regent Street Concept Store.

Lauren was dresses all in black, when she joined fellow celebrities for the opening of the Folli Follie store. She wore some sexy black skinny PVC trousers , with some open toe heeled sandals and our Ragged Priest cut out black knit top. She absolutely rocked this look, with her hair down and some simple makeup.

Very rock chic esque , TOWIE star , Lauren is a big fan of British label Ragged Priest.

Like the look? 

Shop it here >>

The Ultimate Guide to Mermaid Fashion

Summer is all about Mermaid Fashion


Mermaid Fashion is taking the fashion world by storm! No legendary creature has provided as much style inspiration; from pastel tipped hair to gauzy gowns and sequins, the iconic look of the mermaid is one to live by.

Walt Disney’s fairytales made mermaids, oysters, pearls and glitter seem whimsical; but the fashion crowd have claimed the look and given it an urban edge. From Chanel’s pearl-encrusted looks to Givenchy’s urban sirens, the mermaid as fashion icon gets fresher, cleaner, and a little sexier for 2016.

We cant get enough of the whimsical style of Mermaids – Mermaid fashion is so hot right now and the good news is you dont need to go overboard by wearing a mermaid costume like Vanessa Hudgens below, to indulge in this fun trend.

Vanessa Hudgens is a Real Life Mermaid - Mermaid Fashion
Vanessa Hudgens is a Real Life Mermaid – Mermaid Fashion

From Mermaid inspired hair colour, to a wildfox mermaid slogan tee or an Iron Fist mermaid shell cardigan – you are sure to find something to wet your mermaid appetite

Wildfox Mermaid - Mermaid Fashion
Wildfox Mermaid – Mermaid Fashion
Kylie Jenner's Mermaid Hair- Mermaid Fashion
Kylie Jenner’s Mermaid Hair – Mermaid Fashion

Take a look at the latest Mermaid fashion pieces online collection available here at Spoiled Brat, in our online Mermaid style store. We have the newest styles of Mermaid Fashion, as we know that when it comes to fashion there is no better place to update your wardrobe. Browse our stunning collection of Mermaid inspired dresses, from midi to maxi, and casual to party dresses, all available at great online prices in our Mermaid style shop. From catwalk trends to stylish staples, we know our fashion and are dedicated to ensuring that we only pick the best pieces, for you to choose from, to give you the best experience for womens online shopping. Enjoy browsing our online Mermaid fashion store, from Mermaid Jewellery, Mermaid Bikinis and Mermaid T-Shirts – you are literally spoiled for choice, and do check out our legendary womens online clothing sale and find some cheap womens clothing online. Brands like Wildfox, Iron Fist, South Beach, Valfre , Ragged Priest , Skinnydip London and UNIF are just some of our brands that take inspiration from this fun trend.

We have compiled some ideas below, hope you enjoy 🙂

The Cropped Top

The Cropped Top : This Years Essential Wardrobe Item

Have you worked out how to wear a crop top yet?

Have you plucked up the courage to wear a cropped top yet?

The cropped style has been around for quite a few seasons past now, but there are still some who understandably feel nervous about wearing one & rightly so we say, after all we dont all have perfectly toned tummies. But fear not, believe us when we say that just because the top is short, it doesn’t have to mean you need a six pack as an essential pre-requisite for styling out this now-staple wardrobe addition. Have you not heard of LAYERING? Well the cropped top is perfect to dabble in this trend – layer over maxi dresses, vest tops, sweaters – ANYTHING!

The crop top may still look to you like an item from the 90s Spice Girls era, but believe us, when we say that much like leggings, it will become your go to wardrobe item. It’s all about finding your comfort, and your perfect look with the crop top in order to fully grasp the flexibility and style credentials of wearing a crop top which you have unlimited possibilities with – from layering under a pair of native rose dungarees with your favourite liquor n poker bomber thrown over the top, or team with an funky minkpink maxi skirt and heels for an evening look. To prove our point, we’ve styled one key crop top SEVEN ways for 7 completely different events. We actually could have gone on with more and more looks – but didnt want to bore you!

How to wear a crop top? Your about to be enlightened 🙂 scroll down to see the fabulous looks we have pulled together and see how easy it actually is.

We have used this quirky minkpink cropped top :

And styled it up for all these events !

Cropped Top Casual Look
Cropped Top Casual Look

Shop the look :

Crop Top : Date Night
Crop Top : Date Night

Crop Top : Summer Days
Crop Top : Summer Days

Crop Top : Work Look
Crop Top : Work Look

Crop Top : Shopping Trip
Crop Top : Shopping Trip

Crop Top : Lunch Date
Crop Top : Lunch Date

Crop Top : Festival Look
Crop Top : Festival Look

Naomi Millbank Smith wears our Ragged Priest Jacket

Naomi Millbank Smith wears our Ragged Priest Denim Jacket

Fashion blogger Naomi Millbank Smith wears our Ragged Priest Denim Jacket for Mothers Day.

To celebrate Mothers Day last month, Naomi went out for a day out with her lovely son. She dressed down, looking chic in some skinny jeans a plain white tee, and our Ragged Priest good girl denim jacket with rainbow arm patches, she then completed her look with a fedora hat.

This denim jacket has been one of our best sellers, its another 90s revival look which will never date. The denim jacket is a great investment piece as you can dress it up or dress it down and match it with almost any outfit. Wear it to a festival or wear it to the club, its a real unique and key wardrobe piece that will last for years to come.

Our stylists have said that

“A great denim jacket has a lot of character. It’s not just a classic, it’s remarkably versatile—if you know how to style it the right way. “

And we think Naomi has done a good job, she styled it up simply letting the jacket do all the talking for her outfit. Casual and cool; we love this look.

Like it? Shop it here >>

The Ultimate Guide to Festival Fashion

Let Festival Season & Festival Fashion Commence…..

We love this time of year, the sun is starting to make an appearance and we have seen (and drooled) over all the pics from Coachella & all the celebs festival looks! That means one thing, we will soon be in the midst off full blown festival season, when every weekend is filled with some sort of outdoor music event, so there is one thing for sure – your wardrobe will need sorting out.

Now in all seriousness, how to get the festival look? Well when we think of festival fashion, we look to our celebs for some inspiration. Celebs who have stylists, who pick the best trends and styles! So look to our festival style idols Kate Bosworth, Kate Moss, Alessandra AmbrosioVanessa Hudgens and Alexa Chung, who look stylish, comfortable and also as if they’re prepared for what is essentially a big wet stag do with lots of music in the background (Ok, fine maybe not Bosworth, Alessandra & Vanessa, who tend to opt for the warmer festival options, ie non British!).

These girls however have shown us that you don’t have to wear hotpants, nor do you have to wear a floral headband!
What you will need is a warm jacket (unless you’re lucky enough to attend a festival outwith the UK, in which case just a good pair of sunglasses will do); a slouchy jumper and a nifty pair of shorts. You need to be able to dance as energetically as Jagger and be fit enough to walk for miles without getting wet feet or being in pain!

Going to a festival is a test of endurance, literally! I remember my 1st festival, T In The Park and having a blast during the day in the rain only to go back to the campsite for the evening and discover a rain flooded tent. You need to have patience and expect all seasons! Your festival ‘wardrobe’ , should therefore be a survival kit, packing light however is the key; ensuring all essentials to make the experience easier. If you think about what you’re wearing once you’re there, then its FACT that you’re not having enough fun. If your shoes or dress cross your mind once when you’re inside those dance tents, then walk to the nearest bar or fun fair immediately – on our command!

So we have taken the heat for you & scoured our online store (we have a fancy online festival fashion shop set up too just for you) to help you find shopping ideas to help you cater to every kind of festival, to make sure that fun is your priority, not what you look like! The perfect denim-cut offs; the suede jacket that will keep you warm when day turns to night; durable, but stylish footwear ideal for dancing; and the dress that will make you feel as carefree as boho 70s chic! Brands like unif, minkpink and the ragged priest are quite simply made for festivals!

Enjoy 🙂

The Ultimate Guide to Edgy Fashion

Taylor Momsen - Edgy Fashion Icon
Taylor Momsen – Edgy Fashion Icon

Edgy Fashion – Stand Out, dont Fit In!

Edgy fashion, is creative, unfussy and effortless. It’s usually casual or has casual elements, and gives off a modern, urban twist. Edgy style, is both unique, quirky and different. Because who really wants to fit in? We want to stand out, be our own person and make a statement for all the right reasons.

Making a look edgy doesn’t have to be complicated. A little unexpected tweak can turn an ordinary look into something cool, chic and even a bit mysterious and sexy!

Take a look at the latest range of edgy fashion online available here at Spoiled Brat, in our online edgy style store. We have the newest edgy fashion pieces, updated daily, we know that when it comes to fashion there is no better place to update your wardrobe. Browse our stunning collection of unique dresses, from midi to maxi, and casual to party dresses, all with that edge to them and all available at great online prices in our unique style shop. From catwalk trends to stylish staples, we know our fashion and are dedicated to ensuring that we only pick the best edgy pieces, for you to choose from, to give you the best experience for womens online shopping. Enjoy browsing our online quirky fashion store, and do check out our legendary womens online clothing sale and find some cheap womens clothing online.

Below we have selected some key pieces to achieve the edgy look – you dont need to go overboard, you can subtly mix in some pieces with your everyday look. A few edgy staples can turn a boring, ordinary look into something modern, mysterious and cool. And remember that the most important component of edgy fashion is confidence!

Brands we would recommend looking at, which ooze edge, uniqueness and quirky style are UNIF, Valfre, Wildfox and Ragged Priest. Also look to the grunge trend, 90s trend and rock chick fashion for ideas too!