Sub Urban Riot Lemon Ginger Loose Tee ass seen on Kaley Cuoco
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Kaley Cuoco wears Sub Urban Riot

Kaley Cuoco looks casual & chic as she rocks our Sub Urban Riot grey tee, listing the ingredients for the perfect cleanse cocktail

Kaley Cuoco is well known for her healthy regime of diet and exercise. But she is also known for her sense of humour, and decided to make a statement whilst out and about today in LA. Kaley put a spin on her clean lifestyle as she rocked our Sub Urban Riot lemon ginger loose tee.

The sitcom queen paired the hilarious graphic top with light brown leggings and black knit warmers, and she accessorized the quirky look with a pair of dark retro sunglasses and neon splashed sandals.

Sub Urban Riot Lemon Ginger Loose Tee ass seen on Kaley Cuoco
Sub Urban Riot Lemon Ginger Loose Tee ass seen on Kaley Cuoco


It seems that her suburbanriot t-shirt was perfectly times too, as just the day before, Kaley made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Whilst on the show, she told a hilarious anecdote about being stopped by TSA on a flight with her boyfriend from Australia.

When the security agent searched her purse and found a wine bottle opener which led them to search her suitcase where another one was discovered.

She, like, takes it out and I’m like, oh my God, I’m going to be on a no-fly list,

When asked about the items, Kaley responded:

“Here’s the thing. I just like alcohol and, apparently, I needed to be very prepared”

Her timing therefore couldnt be better as her grey t-shirt shows her love for the clean and healthy lifestyle, with a nod to her love of alcohol with a mention to vodka in the recipe.

Kayley is also a huge fan of the LA label sub-urban riot, as she has become some what of a brand ambassador for them, as she is regularly snapped wearing their easy to wear pieces. The mix of clean living, with the odd anecdote to alcohol obviously appeals to her.

This tee has also just been reduced in our sub urban riot sale – so snap it up quick.




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