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Local Heroes now at Spoiled Brat

Local Heroes fashion has arrived at Spoiled Brat

Local Heroes is finally here at Spoiled Brat – this amazing brand caught our attention some time ago, with its whacky prints made for the fun and fearless fashionistas. Local Heroes stood out with its approach to fashion, in that it was not following rules, instead making their own.

If you havent heard of Local Heroes – then 1st off where have you been, eh??? No seriously…..

Local Heroes is all the way from Poland and arrived on the fashion scene in 2012,  by two friends who decided to do it for fun!

They have a really fun background story actually, which is both inspiring and exciting. Being Justin Bieber fans (back when no one would admit it!) they google mapped his address & sent him a t-shirt & sweatshirt that said “DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS”. Then one day checking emails, they found a link to JustJared that said “Justin Bieber Doing Real Stuff Sucks.” and then all of a sudden EVERYONE wanted this t-shirt and they had to quickly work out what they were going to do.

They then did the same with Rihanna. And it worked again, and now we have this worldwide famous brand that we give you today …. Local Heroes. The ultimate in girly streetwear for clothes that make you stand out rather than fit in – the brand ethos goes back to the Beiber tee “Doing Real Stuff Sucks” and each season you will find a full range of garments from swimwear to dresses – clothes for festivals, casualwear and funwear with the coolest prints and cheekiest slogans, which is inspired by Los Angeles and the designers obsession with Internet culture.

Check out the new season SS16 collection which has just landed at SB!

A fab collection to see you through this summer!

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