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New The Ragged Priest “Ragged Jeans” Collection

New season The Ragged Priest "Ragged Jeans" collection online now
Ragged Jeans by The Ragged Priest SS19

If you havent heard of British label, The Ragged Priest then where have you been?

This brand is THE BOMB, who are recognised for their distinctive brand voice and social media presence, they have gained a strong cult following since their foundation in 2007.

Designing trend-conscious collections whilst maintaining a discernible grunge aesthetic. Denim is at the centre of everything The Ragged Priest do, and they have now become known for mixing experimental techniques on core denim shapes.

And they are now branching out with a brand spanking new sister collection, called “Ragged Jeans” which is now available in our online boutique 🙂

Ragged Jeans is THE U N O R I G I N A L J E A N S B R A N D. The designers say :

It’s pretty impossible these days to design something that hasn’t taken reference from someone somewhere in some space of time. Reference is fine, reproduction is not. As a brand The Ragged Priest has been reinventing itself to stay relevant for over TEN YEARS now, and even though trends come and go, our core values remain the same. In our tenth year, we wanted to design a range which could give us a bit of legacy (plus something that couldn’t be copied without a lawsuit) whilst also ironically referencing the challenges of trying to be original

The Ragged Priest Designers

And so Ragged jeans was born and the rest will hopefully be history. #raggedjeans #unoriginaljeansbrand

Luckily for you, we have the new range online – and you can get a sneaky Ragged Priest discount code ON US – 20% off the new range entering code : RAGGEDJEANS

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