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Planet Vandy…. Mission to Land!

Planet Vandy has landed at Spoiled Brat HQ!

We have been avid followers of designer Alice Vandy and her quirky “Planet Vandy” label since its launch a couple of years ago. We were immediately attracted to her wacky designs and quirky stand out prints.

  Alice who graduated from Art School in 2008, got her first big break after working on designs for the Clothes Show in Birmingham. She said:

I always knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t expect to do it so quickly. It kind of happened by accident. When I graduated I just fell into doing my own brand – it was all sooner than I had planned.
I signed up to an online portfolio site and managed to get contact details for stylist Alexis Knox.
She got back to me and asked if I would be interested in providing some clothes for the opening scene of the Clothes Show in Birmingham.”

Alexis Knox wearing Alice Vandy
Alexis Knox wearing Alice Vandy

This was literally her break came when Alexis, who has worked with Little Mix, asked Alice to provide some clothes for the opening scene of the Clothes Show in Birmingham and after being spotted at the show by several celebrities Alice was inundated with commissions – including a £300 playsuit made from a unique Amazonian print.

She also designed items to be used on X Factor and Britain’s Next Top Model and got to meet Jessie J in London.

Jessie J wears Alice Vandy
Jessie J wears Alice Vandy

“I went to a fitting for her” she said. “I worked solidly on her outfit for about five days – there were so many different pattern pieces. ‘I flew up to London from Cornwall in the end. She’s so nice though – so down to earth”

Despite her success however, Alice doesn’t get starstruck. she says:

When people like Jessie J wear my clothes, all my friends go crazy, but it just becomes part of the job

And now Alice is collaborating with My Little Pony, which celebrated their 30th birthday, and Hello Kitty. Her designs include a fabulous range of dresses, leggings and catsuits – garments which you can take from day to night with ease. Its colourful, bright and totally unique and we LOVE it. The brand fuses fairy-tale fantasy with youthful streetwear, Planet Vandy is boosted by an ever-growing legion of fans and we are honoured and very excited to introduce it to you guys!

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