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Wildfox, you ROCK!

Ok its a bold statement to make, but in our opinion Wildfox is the worlds best brand & in this post we will explore the reasons behind this decision!

Wildfox is a brand which we fell in love with way back in 2007 when it was a little known brand known as Whitehorse Couture. We contacted them immediately & began stocking the brand. We were the 1st UK retailer to stock the brand & infact one of the 1st worldwide stockist also (claim to fame, much?!)

We often find the fashion world quite drab, with everyone churning out the same designs and styles. We dont want to look like everybody else though – we want to have our own identity and stand out. We also dont want to waste money on buying cheap clothes, which washed once completely loose their shape and colour.

Wildfox jumped out to us with its bright and fearless designs and styles. The graphics were right up our street and the slogans personified our thoughts and aspirations. This brand was literally made for us. A total match made in fashion heaven!

Wildfox since 2007 is a much bigger and better brand – roll on 10 years and the brand now has a cult fashion status all over the world. Its stocked in countries like Australia, Dubai and many more.

But it still hasnt lost that unique style and quirkiness which we fell in love with initially.

So why do we feel it is the worlds best brand?

Well its wildfox, so it is! But to elaborate here is our musings ……

Wildfox Designs

Everyone knows a wildfox design dont they? They are copied now by hundreds of other brands, but none of them can compare to the a fun wildfox tshirt.

The graphics and slogans featured on the famous wildfox sweaters, and wild fox tees are not only unique but they are fun and always feature something that someone can relate to!

With slogans like “in memory of when i last slept in” and “laughing is my cardio” its easy to see the appeal of this retro inspired, light humoured brand. The feel good slogans make you feel happy as well as others.

£89.99 GBP

The graphics too are always bang on trend, featuring unicorns and teddy bears; things that every girls loves.

Wildfox Celebrity Fans

Ok so we dont want to look like everyone else. However when the coolest celebrities and sassiest bloggers are wearing this brand, and have been for the past 10 years ; then you know your in good company.

Vanessa Hudgens is a HUGE fan as is Alessandra Ambroiso.

Vanessa Hudgens wears a Wildfox Sweater
Vanessa Hudgens wears a Wildfox Sweater
Alessandra Ambrosio is a Massive Wildfox Fan
Alessandra Ambrosio is a Massive Wildfox Fan

And wildfox have even collaborated with the hottest in demand bloggers, on their newest SS17 collection – Sun Kissed.

Stephi LaReine Wildfox
Stephi LaReine Wildfox

Wildfox is Not Mass Produced

We have touched on this in a previous blog post. This is something we feel is so important these days. As much as we all love Primark, have you ever brought a top from their that you love … then passed about 10 other people in 1 day wearing that exact top? Yea it sucks doesnt it! You wont get that with Wildfox, because every item is produced in limited quantities, adding that air of exclusivity about it ; or in other words making it extra special 🙂

Wildfox is ethically produced & is high quality.

When you buy expensive styles, from high end brands you are not only buying this thing, this necklace, perfume, T shirt, lipstick or what have you, you are also helping that brand stay afloat, to give you those great campaigns(and arent wildfox’s campaigns AWESOME) beautiful models, talented, expensive designers, runway shows, and superb quality that doesn’t fade. It is always important to remember why things cost money and why things don’t and to remember you are paying for much more than just your item, you are buying and supporting a lifestyle. It’s really nice, when you think about it!

Its important to be aware of what a company has to sacrifice to keep their prices so low, including low pay for their employees, bad fabrics (in many ways), cheap factories, and the stealing of other people’s creativity and hard work. If you haven’t got the money for designer please consider looking for local brands (look at Ragged Priest for example) or vintage, if you regularly shop somewhere cheap check out it’s history and make sure you aren’t supporting something you don’t believe in! All Wildfox is produced and designed in LA!

The Wildfox Campaigns

These really speak for themselves. We so look forward to every season, seeing the new lookbooks and phot shoots. Being a model for Wildfox must be the most fun thing to do in the world. The shoots feature things like slumber parties, food fights and every exotic trips to places like Italy.

Wildfox SS17 Campaign
Wildfox SS17 Campaign
Wildfox Mermaid
Wildfox Mermaid

So there you go – our opinion on Wildfox

To summaries ….. Life is better when your wearing Wildfox 🙂

PS …. Do check out of legendary online wildfox SALE 

The contemporary women’s line designed in sunny L.A. has embodied the effortless yet edgy ethos of California, since it was launched in 2007. From our signature cozy sweaters to our best-selling sunglasses, Wildfox is the ultimate line for the stylish set” – Wildfox

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